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No matter the type of house you are looking for, we know the ins and outs for every buyer. There's never any pressure - just let Casey know what you are looking for and she will seek it out for you and guide you through the entire process once you find the home you desire. 

See featured community, Citi on Camelback slide show at the bottom of this page. Featured Citi Property For Sale: Customized to Your Specifications! 2 Bed 2 Bath Luxury Condominium

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From getting it priced right, to getting the price you desire - selling a home is NOT one size fits all.  We understand this and will customize a plan to meet your needs, goals, and desires.  Whether you need a great big marketing campaign or a fast and discreet sale, the sale of each property is tailored to the specific needs of the seller.

Rent out your home.  Arizona Property Management & Investments makes it simple and provides convenient full service Property Management services with Maintenance staff on hand to assist in the inevitable needs of tenants and properties.  Hassle free!  Reach out to us to find out what your property can rent for today and set up your property management account.

Casey and Arizona Property Management & Investments is your connection to fine homes for lease by private owners.  Check out our listings page to see what is currently available. Let us know what you are looking for and selections will be provided within moments.  Rental homes are available in many shapes and sizes from studio apartments to 5 bedroom single family homes and beyond.  Let AZPM&I assist you in renting your next home!
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Featured 1 Bedroom Luxury Home For Rent at Citi on Camelback

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Sometimes things come together right away. Other times, fitting home to buyer takes longer. We don't sleep until we've delivered for you--no matter how daunting the task.

Let's start today. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Whatever your housing goals, we're here to help. 623-435-6633

Featured Homes For Sale: Click here. 1,2, & 3 bedroom options available!

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